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Stamped 304 Stainless Steel
Bulk Display A B C Vent Area Fastener Weight Std. Pack Add to List
331360 331360-1 1-5/8" 1-3/4" 1/2" .29 in2 #6 RH .01 10 ea
331370 331370-1 2-1/4" 2-1/8" 5/8" .52 in2 #6 RH .03 10 ea

Corrosion resistant stamped 304 stainless steel midget clam shell vents provide a splash-proof opening through transoms, cabin sides, etc. Great for routing cables and wires or for covering thru-hull openings to shield water spray. Ideal for small lockers, they provide attractive cover for ventilation holes while also preventing odors. Easy installation, vents are pre-drilled for three #6 RH fasteners (not included).