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Bulk Display A B C D Color Fastener Weight Std. Pack Add to List
400920 400920-1 2-1/2" 3-9/16" 4-3/16" 2-3/8" Black #4 FH .21 5 ea
441816 441816-1 Replacement Bulb (Halogen MR-16 style) .06 10 ea
442816 442816-1 Replacement Bulb (LED MR-16 style) .07 10 ea
442826 442826-1 Replacement Bulb (Soft White LED MR-16 style) .06 5 ea

This modern looking black plastic berth light allows light to be added where needed. A small LED light aids in locating switch at night. Comes standard with a MR-16 halogen bulb. Optional cool or warm light MR-16 LED bulbs available. Installs with #4 FH fasteners (not included).