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Stamped 304 Stainless
Bulk Display A B C Fastener Weight Std. Pack Add to List
400350 400350-1 5" 6-3/4" 2" #6 RH 1.03 1 ea/5 ea
400350DE n/a 5" 6-3/4" 2" #6 RH 1.05 1 ea
0P40045 n/a Replacement Switch .04 1 ea
0P40046 n/a Replacement Socket Assembly .06 1 ea
n/a 400201-1 Replacement Lens 5" .36 5 ea
441142 441142-1 Replacement Bulb (Double Contact Bayonet Base) .01/.02 10 ea/10 pr
441143 441143-1 Replacement Bulb (Red-Double Contact Bayonet Base) .01/.02 10 ea/10 pr
n/a 442042-1 Double Contact Bayonet Base G4 Adapter .01 5 ea

These day/night dome lights are constructed of corrosion resistant stamped and polished 304 stainless steel. Pre-wired with an integral on/off/on toggle switch and two separate light circuits. Both light circuits are equipped with 18.4-watt DC double contact bayonet bulbs. One circuit uses a clear bulb and the other circuit uses a red night vision bulb. Part number 400350DE has a Deutsch DT04-2 Plug for OEM convenience. Can be converted to LED with bayonet bulb socket adapter #442042-1 BA15D style base and G4 bulbs (sold separately). Surface mounts with three #6 RH fasteners (not included). 12 VDC.