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Injection Molded Nylon
Bulk Display Color A B C D Fastener Weight Std. Pack Add to List
082010 n/a Black 3/8" 3/4" 7/8" 7/16" #8 RH .01 10 ea
082051 n/a Black 9/16" 1-1/8" 1" 11/16" #10 RH .03 10 ea
082016 n/a Black 5/8" 1-1/4" 1-3/8" 13/16" #12 RH .06 10 ea

Constructed of injection molded nylon Sea-DogĀ® fairleads are designed with a molded-in recess in the base to trap adhesive sealant in place providing a more watertight seal. These fairleads are ideal for control lines in straight run applications. They are not recommended for directional changes or to be used with wire rope. Installs with two RH fasteners (not included). Available in custom colors on large volume orders.